Feeder Link

ITU Radio Regulations define feeder link as follows: A radio link from an earth station at a given location to a space station, or vice versa, conveying information for a space radiocommunication service other than for the fixed-satellite service. The given location may be at a specified fixed point, or at any fixed point within …

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Radio Frequency

Very Low Frquency(VLF) 3 kHz-30 kHz Low Frequency(LF) 30 kHz-300 kHz Medium Frequency(MF) 300 kHz-3 MHz High Frequency(HF) 3 MHz-30 MHz Very High Frequency(VHF) 30 MHz-300 MHz Ultra High Frequency(UHF) 300 MHz-3 GHz Super High Frequency(SHF) 3 GHz-30 GHz Extremely High Frequency(EHF) 30 GHz-300 GHz